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American Carbon Registry’s New Methodology Is Giant Step Forward To Halt Methane Emissions From Orphan Wells: Rebellion Energy Solutions

Rebellion Energy Solutions today commented on the significance of the American Carbon Registry’s (ACR) newly published methodology for quantifying and validating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions from plugging orphan oil and gas wells.  

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Rebellion Energy Solutions’ Orphan-Well Plugging Project Becomes First-Of-Its-Kind Methane-Abatement Project To Be Listed By American Carbon Registry

A Rebellion Energy Solutions methane-abatement and land-restoration project on June 8 became the first orphan oil-and-gas well plugging project to be listed by the American Carbon Registry.

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Businessweek: Plugging Methane Leaks From Abandoned Oil Wells for Carbon Credit

Rebellion Energy Solutions is featured in a July 10, 2023, Bloomberg Businessweek article about generating high-quality carbon credits by stopping methane leaks from orphan oil …

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