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Intro to Carbon Credits

The voluntary carbon market is growing rapidly across the globe as more companies make net zero commitments. Investment in high-quality carbon projects can make meaningful impact to those goals while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon credits, broadly known as Environmental Attributes (EA), are a unit of exchange used to offset an entity’s carbon footprint. 1 carbon credit equals one metric ton of carbon or its equivalent (MTCO2e).

A carbon project is an effort made by a group, the project developer, to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. A good carbon credit is an additive to the status quo, permanent, and verified by a reputable registry.

Purchasing carbon credits is a proactive way for businesses and individuals to be accountable for their carbon emissions. The highest quality carbon credits are those that not only follow highly structured registration methodologies but also solve real-world dilemmas and can be considered permanent, additional, immediate, certain, and transparent.

Rebellion’s team of experts understands how to create durable, high-quality carbon credits. Buyers can be assured that when you purchase a carbon credit from Rebellion, you are also supporting valuable carbon emission abatement projects that are man-made and consistently successful, such as orphan well- plugging and land restoration in communities.

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Our Projects

The Project Activity is the quantification of leaking methane from orphaned and abandoned oil and gas wells in Washington County, Oklahoma and the subsequent mitigation of leaking methane via cement plugging of said well sites. In addition, land restoration will be conducted in and around the plugged well site with native grasses and forbs beneficial for wildlife and pollinator species.

Crediting Period: 20 Years
Independently Validated and Verified

Environmental and Community Impacts: The reduction of fugitive methane emissions supports the health, safety, and well-being of people, animals, and ecological systems. Quantified using analysis applied in conjunction with data sources shared below, this project contributes to furthering 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Access to additional data for this package is available in our online data room. To get access to the additional project data or for more information, email us at 

rebellion energy projects
rebellion energy projects

Our Focus

We adhere to the existing registration methodology developed by the American Carbon Registry that provides a framework for quantifying methane emissions and then, we take it a step further. Our oil and gas experience helps us focus on completing the job on time, on budget, and without last -minute problems, and our tiered GHG quantification process paired with land restoration expertise maximizes our beneficial field impact.

Our projects from start to finish center around Trust, Impact, Durability, and Transparency/Accountability.

We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards, and transparently share all data collected to provide a full-service product for the life of our carbon credits.

Rebellion’s Carbon Credits Are:


When it comes to effectively reducing a company’s carbon footprint, committed communities and organizations can’t rely solely on natural solutions. Rebellion’s credits are predictable and certain, and our solutions are consistent.

Certain Abatement

There are over 100,000 orphan wells documented in the US, and left unplugged, these wells can leak averages of 10,000 metric tons of methane per year. The elimination of methane emissions is critical to the environment and is a key priority in Rebellion’s well-plugging process. Through these solutions, our credits remove 20+ years of future GHG’s.


Methane is the second most abundant greenhouse gas generated by humans and remains in the atmosphere for up to a decade. Actions taken today can have a significant impact to the health of our global environment. Our credits are absolute reductions in ongoing methane emissions, assuring our buyers that we are creating real-time solutions.


No regulation is in place mandating orphan wells to be plugged and resources do not exist to address them at scale. It takes intention, expertise, and investment to plug an abandoned or orphaned well. Our work isn’t mandated, but we are passionate about it, which means that through our credits, buyers are investing in the direct reduction of several thousands of methane emissions that would otherwise not occur.


There’s unquestionable value in trusting that your investment is durable and secure. Rebellion is made up of tried-and-true oil and gas experts who know how to do the job right. Once a well is plugged using our proven method, leaks are permanently abated, ensuring long-lasting integrity. 

Our plugging method can withstand the most rigorous inspection process, solving real-world dilemmas and creating durable, high-quality credits in the process.

Case Studies

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Carbon Calculator

The Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies calculator enables you to convert energy or emissions data into the corresponding amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated from that usage. This tool assists in translating complex measurements into more comprehensible terms, such as the yearly emissions produced by automobiles, households, or power plants. Utilizing this calculator can aid in conveying your plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, such as strategies, targets, or other initiatives.