How Rebellion is Supporting Monarch Butterfly Conservation!  By Eric Perner.  

Each year, as spring breathes life into the landscape, North America witnesses one of the most extraordinary natural phenomena: the Monarch butterfly migration. This majestic journey, spanning thousands of miles, captivates our imagination and underscores the delicate balance of nature.

However, as these iconic butterflies embark on their epic voyage, their survival faces numerous challenges due to loss of habitat and severely declining numbers that could cause the species to go extinct. That’s where Rebellion Energy Solutions steps in! After the proper plugging of orphaned well sites, an extensive restoration of the site is turned into havens for Monarchs ensuring their journey continues unhindered.


Beginning in the spring and ending in the fall, it sees these delicate creatures undertake a two-way journey, much like many bird species do. Each successive generation travels farther north, with multiple generations taking part before reaching the Northern United States and Canada Central to the Monarchs’ lifecycle is the milkweed plant. However, the destruction of the prairies that they rely on, due to the expansion of industrial agriculture and to some degree orphaned and abandoned well sites, poses a threat to the Monarchs’ habitat, disrupting their delicate ecosystem

Rebellion Energy Solutions is committed to environmental stewardship, so we have embarked on a mission to restore orphaned well sites in Oklahoma, a crucial stopover for the Monarch migration. Recognizing the significance of these sites, we have transformed them into Monarch Waystations, in collaboration with Monarch Watchan initiative by Kansas University, dedicated to Monarch conservation. At each restored well site, Rebellion Energy Solutions has meticulously curated habitat conducive to Monarch survival. By planting a diverse array of native perennial grasses and forb species, including those critical to the Monarch lifecycle, they’ve created sanctuaries that support every stage of the butterfly’s journey. These Monarch Waystations not only provide essential resources for Monarchs but also serve as vital healthy grasslands for the existing ranching operations, enabling them to continue to be vital resources for the successful ranching operations and Monarchs, a win-win!

By prioritizing Monarch habitat restoration, Rebellion Energy Solutions is not only safeguarding the future of these iconic butterflies but also fostering biodiversity and ecological resilience for the ecosystems we work in. This innovative approach to orphan well plugging demonstrates that with dedication and ingenuity, we can coexist harmoniously with nature, ensuring that future generations continue to marvel at the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Monarch butterfly migration.


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