About Rebellion Energy Solutions

Rebellion Story

Rebellion Energy Solutions is a woman-led business with a multi-talented team of experts committed to creating sustainable solutions through oilfield cleanup and environmental justice in a comprehensive effort to restore the land, reduce harmful carbon emissions, and create taxable revenue streams for communities.

Our solutions combine Rebellion’s background in the energy industry and our passion to solve America’s broken orphan well system to form an innovative business model that helps ESG investors make meaningful strides toward a net-zero carbon emission goal and shift industry cultures along the way.

Our Partners

We hold all of our partnerships to the highest esteem and are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside a robust coalition of partners. That partnership flows through the sales process and final retirement of carbon credits.

Our Mission

Bringing energy, environment, and markets together to drive responsible completion of the oil and gas well lifecycle.

Our Vision

Include social and environmental value in the energy equation.

Our Values

We are rebellious individuals, authentic communicators, unlimited collaborators, and creative thinkers. This is how we reach genuine solutions.

Rebellion Energy Solutions supports the Sustainable Development Goals

As a company, Rebellion aims to contribute to the global Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015. Our work directly tackles climate change, and we can link each one of our projects to at least one of 17 quantifiable SDGs that can be found on the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs website.

About Rebellion’s Leadership

Rebellion energy

Staci Taruscio

Chief Executive Officer
Staci has a Petroleum Engineering degree from the University of Tulsa and nearly 20 years of experience in field operations, reservoir engineering, and project management roles at oil and gas operating companies across the United States and Canada. She also has a Masters in Business Administration and is a proven leader in the upstream E&P sector of the Oil and Gas Industry having started two (2) private operating companies, both of which were headquartered in Oklahoma. Upon the successful exit of her most recent iteration, she pivoted her expertise to plug and abandonment work with a focus on converting legacy wells from liability to asset. She has spent the last two (2) years working with NGO’s, NPO’s, Operators, Private Investors, and Scientist to uncover hidden value, standardize processes, and develop tech to push focus onto this emerging micro-economy. Having contributed her expertise to both the IIJA and its Federal Guidance as well as the ACR P&A methodology, Staci is ideally suited to follow that work up in her home state of Oklahoma. Staci is a founding board member of Fellow Environmental Partners, a Tulsa based non-profit dedicated to contributing data on which we can have meaningful conversations to this space. She is a firm believer in bringing people together valuing collaboration across specialties as a true energy transition.
Rebellion Energy

Kaci Lenz

Chief Financial Officer
Kaci contributes 20+ years of industry experience and knowledge from the accounting, financial, managerial, and analytical perspective. She joined the Rebellion Team at inception and had been an integral part in both Rebellion I and Rebellion II managing capital commitments over $200MM for both iterations. Prior to Rebellion, Kaci, while working for a small, privately-held, Tulsa‐based E&P company, juggled numerous positions including Accounting Manager and gained a big picture understanding of the oil and gas industry. With the experience she acquired, Kaci transitioned into a Regional Financial Analyst role with SM Energy supporting all disciplines in operations with financial analysis, budget and planning, and communication to both regional and corporate upper management while managing the accounting staff in the Mid-Continent region. Kaci graduated Cum Laude with a B.S.B.A. in Finance from The University of Tulsa while lettering all four years playing soccer as a Golden Hurricane.
Rebellion Energy

Eric Perner

Chief Operating Officer
Eric is a licensed Professional Petroleum/Mechanical Engineer in the state of Oklahoma with over 15 years of experience in the petroleum industry, including drilling and production engineering. He has managed drilling and production operations across multiple states and in multiple basins including basins solely operated on Federal Lands. He has special skills in understanding cement quality and design parameters after leading studies in the Haynesville shale to understand the Quality Assurance requirements of cement in high temp and high-pressure wells. In addition to his skills in petroleum engineering, Eric has a passion for land restoration. He operates the Double P Ranch in Mounds, Oklahoma as a Savory Institute Global Business Hub to provide restoration grazing education and guidance for local ranchers in the methods of holistic management to create the conditions that lead to the regeneration of our native grasslands. He is recognized by the Audubon Society as a ranching operation that is a bird friendly ranch and is recognized as a Monarch Way station for providing habitat for endangered Monarch Butterflies. In addition, Eric is working closely with the USDA NRCS wildlife biologist for their Bobwhite quail EQIP program. Eric graduated from the University of Tulsa with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Rebellion Indigenous Peoples Policy

Rebellion is committed to ensuring that Tribal Nations are included as active participants and partners in our efforts to ensure responsible completion of the oil and gas well lifecycle. Our engagement, inclusion, and partnership with Indigenous Peoples will ensure that Indigenous social and environmental values are reflected in our work and the role it plays in changing the Nation’s energy equation.

This Indigenous Peoples Policy is part of Rebellion’s preparation to become a trusted partner for Indigenous communities and governments. This Policy sets the stage for our engagement, communicates our organization’s values, and lays out our commitments to future partners. 

We recognize that Indigenous communities are unique and distinct sovereign nations, possessing inherent responsibilities, deep-rooted relationships, and specialized expertise in connection with the land. We acknowledge that our current efforts lack these diverse perspectives, and stand to gain significant benefits from their inclusion. Understanding that our mission aligns with the interests of many Indigenous communities, particularly those grappling with a disproportionate number of orphaned wells, we see immense potential for mutually beneficial engagement and partnerships. We believe that people thrive when they have a mix of new perspectives combined with a strong foundation or steadfast tradition, and the same is true of our business. Working in solidarity and partnership with Indigenous communities will make our work more effective and our impact more meaningful. This policy will guide our approach to these partnerships.

We also recognize that partnering with Indigenous communities involves complexity and long-term commitment to the work. Our team is prepared for these challenges and believes that the more complex the situation, the higher the potential for creative problem-solving and innovative solutions. We plan to seek partnerships and other collaborations both with Indigenous communities as well as other businesses that see the value of these partnerships, in order to help shift norms within our industry.

This policy represents Rebellion’s understanding of the landscape and objectives for engagement at the conclusion of 2023, and our first effort to define our commitments to Indigenous partners. The commitments to future partners outlined below represent the lowest rung of the ladder we hope to eventually climb. We plan to revisit and elevate these commitments as we learn and become more experienced. We are at the beginning of this journey, and we plan to allow this document to grow and change along with us.

Commitments to Indigenous People and Partners

What we believe guides all that we do. Our brand values aren’t just reflected in what we make but embedded into the way we work. We are rebellious individuals, authentic communicators, unlimited collaborators, and creative thinkers. These values will guide our approach to partnerships with Indigenous communities, and serve as the bedrock for the commitments we extend to our future partners.

Value: Rebellious Individuals

At our core, we believe in challenging the status quo and defying outdated norms that hold us back from creating new possibilities and that ultimately limit progress in our industry.

Our team isn’t afraid of paving new roads; we lean on curiosity and passion to evolve our expertise to match the needs of our work.

Our approach allows us to look at the opportunities behind every problem we face with an open mind to redefine what’s possible.  


The Rebellion team commits to entering engagement and partnerships with Indigenous communities with an open mind.

We commit to leveraging our capabilities to seek novel and ambitious solutions to the challenges facing these communities posed by orphaned wells and their associated lands.

We commit to understanding, leveraging, and enhancing the capacity of our tribal partners in our efforts to collaboratively and creatively develop solutions.

Value: Collaboration

We believe that the strongest solutions are created when diverse mindsets, skills, and backgrounds are brought together for a shared purpose.

Our team welcomes fresh perspectives and is dedicated to listening and growing together to enrich our strategies as we navigate an ever-changing market.

We hold all of our partnerships to the highest esteem and actively seek opportunities to work alongside a robust coalition of partners in our collective goals toward a sustainable future.


The Rebellion team commits to seeking the input and participation of Indigenous communities and people in every aspect of our work.

We commit to identifying tribal interests implicated in our work and taking measures to ensure that these interests are protected.

We commit to being attentive and accommodating to the needs and desires of Indigenous communities.

We commit to identifying and understanding the unique attributes and benefits that sovereign Indigenous communities can bring to our partnerships, and develop opportunities for our work to benefit from these advantages.

Value: Creativity

The essence of Rebellion Energy is innovation. We value our team’s ability to blend expertise with a spirit of experimentation to effectively develop long-lasting results for existing and future industry challenges.

Our approach involves out-of-the-box thinking and calculated risk-taking to guide our work toward inventive and viable answers to the century-old problem of unplugged orphan wells.

Our team relentlessly pursues creative solutions and invites diverse perspectives to the table at every opportunity to develop better solutions to our stakeholders and the community.


The Rebellion team commits to being creative and flexible in our partnerships with Indigenous communities.

We commit to performing the internal education and preparation required to become capable and creative partners.

We commit to exploring creative approaches to provide value to Indigenous communities, resolve conflicts where they may arise, and magnify the impact of our work by incorporating Indigenous perspectives. 

Value: Authentic Communication

We embrace authenticity in our work and in the way we communicate about what we do. We are honest about our team’s strengths and improvement opportunities alike and believe in building trust with our partners and shareholders by sharing our journey, including the highs and hurdles we experience through this transformative work.

Our commitment to impact, transparency, and accountability extends to the results we deliver for the generations to come, and we take responsibility for educating and engaging communities in our mission for sustainable and mutually beneficial oilfield cleanup.


The Rebellion team commits to being honest, communicative, and transparent with Indigenous communities.

We commit to taking the time and effort required to build durable, long-term relationships with Indigenous communities.

We commit to seeking equitable outcomes for our work by sharing information and incorporating tribes in decision-making processes.

We commit to working with Indigenous people and partners to ensure that Rebellion’s definition of project success incorporates the perspective of Indigenous stakeholders.


Rebellion Energy Solutions intends, through these commitments, to become a trusted partner of Indigenous communities. Our team sees these commitments as the fundamental building blocks for forming partnerships that will bring about significant and positive change in the health and wellbeing of all communities affected by our work. To ensure that this policy is having its intended effect, we pledge to monitor our performance of these commitments and compliance with the policy. In 2025, we will create an impact report on activities in furtherance of the policy completed in 2024.