MRV Plan Peer Review Application

Join Rebellion Energy Solutions as a Peer Reviewer for Our MRV Plan

Rebellion Energy Solutions invites you to apply as a Peer Reviewer for our Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) Plan.

About Us At Rebellion Energy Solutions, our mission is to bring energy, environment, and markets together to drive the responsible completion of the oil and gas well lifecycle. We tackle the century-old problem of unplugged orphan oil and gas wells by plugging these wells and restoring the land. In doing so, we create high-quality, durable, and meaningful carbon credits for our partners. Our commitment to impact, transparency, and accountability ensures we deliver lasting results for future generations.

Role Overview We are seeking a qualified Peer Reviewer to meticulously review and enhance our MRV Plan. This plan is crucial to our operations and ensures the integrity of our carbon credits. Your expertise will help us align our processes with the highest standards, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the emissions have been effectively mitigated. 


  • Review the MRV Plan: Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing MRV Plan.
  • Focus on Integrity: Ensure the methodologies for monitoring, reporting, and verification are of the highest integrity for all our post-plugging monitoring phases.
  • Guarantee Robustness: Ensure the plan is robust enough to guarantee to carbon buyers that no hydrocarbons are leaking to the surface during the proposed monitoring period.
  • Provide Expert Feedback: Offer actionable feedback and suggest edits to refine the plan, ensuring it validates the emissions offset over the 20-year post-plugging monitoring period.

Why Join Us?

  • Impact: Play a critical role in shaping a plan that contributes significantly to reducing methane emissions.
  • Innovation: Work with a leading company at the cutting edge of carbon credit methodologies.
  • Integrity: Ensure the integrity of carbon credits that help drive global sustainability efforts.
  • Mission-Driven: Be part of a team committed to solving long-standing environmental issues and making a positive impact on future generations.

Apply Now if you have the expertise and a detail-oriented approach, we want to hear from you. Join us in ensuring that our MRV Plan meets the highest standards and contributes effectively to our mission.

Make a lasting impact on the environment and your career by becoming a key player in Rebellion Energy Solutions’ mission to reduce methane emissions. 


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